FAQ – Nucecases

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Question: How do i upload my image/Can't find where to?
Answer: Attaching image in the lower corner camera icon/Emailing Info@Nucecases.com make sure to include the order number to help us identify the order!

Question: can you change address/forgot to update address?
Answer: Yes we can make adjustments! Feel Free to send any address adjustments as quick as you can so we can get the adjustments made before we ship out.

Question: Do you have this certain model can't find listed or just wondering...?
Answer: Feel free to message us if you can't find the model you are looking for, we can help identify the model and help place the order if we have it available!

Question: Can you show me a design of what my case will look like before/after i order?
Answer: We can advise on an image before we take an order and once placed we can create drafts for approval before we start. 

Question: How Long does my case take to ship/arrive?
Answer: 5-7 Business days not including the weekend. Can be quicker/Longer depending on USPS. Will reach out if an issues occurs.

Question: What is the difference Between Slim/Clear Rubber Sides (TPU)/Black Rubber Sides (TPU)?
Answer: Slim cases are hard sleed designs made from strudy plastic/Rubber sides tpus are clear and flexible cases/ Black rubber sides are a more protective cases/ more bulky.

Question: What size does my image need to be to order?
Answer: We can work with all size of images and modify them to fit perfectly on your case.

Question: Can you do more than one image/ Can you do collages?
Answer: We can do multiple images and depending on the models we recommend up to 6 image(s)

Question: Can you add custom text to my order!?
Answer: Of course! We can add text your customs with a large variety of fonts and colors/designs, including ones you prefer.